Shoulder Workout

So your shoulders don’t become earrings this winter!

In the winter, our natural tendency when we walk outside and face the cold weather is to want to pull our arms close to our body to keep warm. Our shoulders immediately pull in, tighten and draw closer to our ears. This workout is for you my Winter Workout Club family! Let’s lose those shoulder earrings!

*Also, if you sit at a desk all day, your shoulders tend to naturally slump over the course of the day. And most of the time, we aren’t even cognizant of it. We have all seen those pictures of poor posture sitting at a desk. So this workout is as equally important for you as facing the winter weather.

You’ve got this! Let us know how you did!

Circuit 1

12 Arnold Presses – 12 I-Y-I’s – 12 Standing Dumbbell Rows. 45 seconds to recover between sets. x 2

Circuit 2

30 each direction Arm Circles – 12 Shoulder Shrugs – 12 Standing Dumbbell Flies. 45 seconds to recover between sets. Repeat x 2.

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